Foreign Policy


"We Are Not the Worlds Charity"



"The exclusive priority of the Government of Canada on the international scene should be to manage our relations with other countries in order to protect and further the interests of Canadians. Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening" Max Bernier

Our federal government paid out $6.1 billion of our tax dollars on foreign aid in 2018.

Detailed Foreign Aid Map by Country

By Reducing Foreign Aid, we can use that money where Canadians need it most.

We will put this money back into Canadians pockets, and give them the opportunity to donate their money at home or abroad on the issues they find important.

We currently face the problems of mistreated veterans, seniors living in poverty, healthcare system deficiencies, we see crime rates climbing, crumbling infrastructure, Canada wide homeless problems, drug abuse and unclean drinking water specific to indigenous areas. 


Globalization has led to exploitation of labor. Prisoners and child workers are used to work in inhumane conditions. Safety standards are ignored to produce cheap goods. There is also an increase in human trafficking. 

Many Canadians live in fear of pay cuts or even losing their jobs to outsourcing by large corporations.

It's time we Canadians take care of our people and our country re-prioritizing how we spend our money. 

Canada needs a common-sense foreign policy focused on the security and prosperity of Canadians, not an ideological approach that compromises our interests and without all the polarization that is taking place in our politics. 

The PPC will preserve and protect Canada, our history and our traditions.


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  • Brent Rodger
    commented 2019-09-23 10:17:33 -0400
    Globalization is happening right here in London Ontario with London’s largest employer, Western University or what was once referred to as the University of Western Ontario before it rebranded for global recognition. The last two University presidents were not born, nor educated in Canada. It is no secret that as a business, Western aims primarily towards foreign student enrolment. Foreign students pay nearly double or triple the tuition of any Canadian resident and thus they are highly sought after. The implications of this are massive and go all the way up the chain to how Western operates and hires. Western no longer has any loyalty to Canadian citizens. I know this first hand.
  • Patrick Allan 🇨🇦🇺🇸
    commented 2019-07-27 11:08:04 -0400
    Just imagine what the PPC can do for Canadians when our government keeping taxpayer dollars in Canada.

    - Better care for veterans and homeless
    - More resources for infrastructure (bridges, highways, etc.)